• I'm a user of ClinSerts® CLHM. The pull-out strength can be calculated from the formula in the catalogue.

    Pull-out-strength for ClinSerts®, Calculation is as follows: Pull-out-strength(N) = shear engagement (mm2) x ultimate shear strength of parent material (N/mm2)

    Shear engagement areas are shown on the ClinSerts®...

  • Yes, we can help you with our Clinserts to supply alternative of RC83 inserts.


    Series  RC83KEL     Insert Material Carbon steel     Keys Material Stainless steel 302     Old PN  Clinsert PN Old...
  • Clinserts are interchangeable with MS part numbers

    possesses such functional and physical characteristics as to be equivalent in performance, reliability, and maintainability, to another item of similar or identical purposes; and (2) is capable of being exchanged for the other item (a) without selection for fit or performance...
  • Yes, The HYDRO-PNEUMATIC tool 3700-MIP1 / 3352PT1 for installing inserts from M5 to M12 and from 10-32 (10-24) to ½-20 (½-13) is usually in stock.

    Please contact us for price & availability of 3700-MIP1 / 3352PT1 at  [email protected] 


    This is an old part number,...

  • What broaching tool do I need for insert NAS1395CA4LSNK ?

    The part NAS1395CA4LSNK is the same as our part number CLH428JA286

    Which means you'll need the broaching tool BT397-2

    Other tools that can be required for the insert NAS1395CA4LSNK are:

    Installation tool: CLHT428

    Drill tool:  ...

  • How can I figure out the part number of the broaching tool?

    So basically in order to know your broaching tool part numbers, you need 2 things:

    The tap drill diameter The amount of clins


    When you know that you add them together such as the following:

    Part number broaching tool = “BT” + tap...

  • Does Clinsert have ST blind inserts?

    Yes we do, Clinsert has the passivated stainless steel blind clinserts available.

    They're made out of the same material as the ST blind inserts.

    Here's the cross reference list:

    Old P/N New P/N ST53001 CLBM4x0.7 ST53002 CLBM5x0...
  • What ST part number does Clinsert have?

    Clinsert can supply all the ST partnumbers.

    Note however that the ST.10006 and ST.10007 have different external diameter (marked in the below table).

    The ST inserts are made of carbon steel.

    Clinsert alternative are made of stainless steel.



  • Pneumatic or electrical tooling will guarantee a much better perfect installation rate.

    with manual installation tools you have the risk that the kees get bent, as you can see on below picture.  This is the result of the contest shown in this video.  Also the speed of installation is way better with a pneumatic tool...

  • How many life cycles does the locking Clinsert have?

    This is depending on the screw and how much locking torque is required for your application.

    However, as a rule of thumb, Locking Clinserts should have 15 cycles for the more critical applications.

    Standard applications probably much more.


  • What are the Clinsert Floating part numbers?

    Clinserts can provide floating Clinserts when you have difficulties with misalignment.

    Floating Clinserts can compensate for radial misalignment from 0.381mm up to 1.016 mm.

    These are often used where the 2 panels are off-center.

    Here's the cross reference...

  • Many metals, including stainless steel, already have a thin oxide layer to make them more resistant, or “passive,” to corrosion. Passivation increases the thickness of that layer to increase the level of protection against rust and corrosion on the material.

    5 Benefits of passivating stainless steel :

    Passivation Removes...
  • Do you have the old KNBM blind inserts available?

    Clinsert has the new CLBM blind clinserts available.

    They have the same technical and dimensional properties,

    As well as the same type of stainless steel.

    For more information, please click on the link below on the conversion table:

  • What other big size inserts does Clinserts have available?

    Clinserts has several big size clinserts available.

    The KNH part numbers are old part numbers for Clinserts.

    New part number start with CLH.

    To know more about each part, please click through to their respective product pages:

  • For more information on the required tools for installing Clinserts, you can find it on the product page.

    Besides the installation tool for the Clinserts. we can offer all the other required tools for a proper installation of the Clinserts.

    These tools can be purchased separately. but it is advised to purchase all...

  • What are the special nose piece part numbers?

    The special nose pieces are used in the Aerospace industry to perform a countersunk installation.

    Here are the different part numbers:

    Clinsert PN Special nose piece PN   CL1032J CLPT190-312 3426T-190-312AY...
  • What's the difference between a standard and a special nose piece?

    The special nose piece is used in aerospace industries to install Clinserts countersunk to the parent material.

    Standard nose piece is used in industrial applications, where it's not necessary to have a countersunk installed Clinsert.


  • Blind Inserts available at Clinserts

    Clinserts can provide blind inserts with a very competitive lead time.

    What exactly are blind inserts?

    These are your typical inserts with some metal at the end, which closes the insert off;

    If you need to install an insert in a through hole, but don't want any water...

  • Can you supply the boeing part numbers 642AS0714-*?

    Yes we can supply these Boeing part numbers.

    These reflect to the Floating inserts range.

    Here's the list with the dash numbers.

    642AS0714-1 642AS0714-2 642AS0714-3 642AS0714-4 642AS0714-5...
  • What are the dimensions and installation details for the big size clinserts?

    Clinserts can provide the big size imperial inserts.

    You can find the part numbers of the inserts and their respective tools here:

    Clinsert P/N ID OD Length Tap drill dia...
  • Do you have the KST/KSTM tools available?

    Yes, Clinserts has the KST/KSTM tools available.

    Here's the cross reference list:

    Imperial Sizes Tools :      Old Tool New Tool CL-10-KST CLHT1032 CL-14-KST CLHT428 CL-516-KST CLHT524...
  • Does Clinserts have the solid inserts KSS/KSSM available?

    Clinserts can provide the 1on1 interchangeable solid Clinsert alternative.

    Here you can find the cross reference list:

    Imperial size inserts:

    OLD Stainless steel NEW PN CL-51618-KSS CLS5 CL-3816-KSS CLS6...
  • What TSKS parts does Clinserts have?

    Clinserts can provide an alternative part to the old TSKS part numbers.

    You can find the cross reference list here:

    OLD Stainless steel NEW PN CL-1024-TSKS CL1024J CL-1032-TSKS CL1032J CL-1420-TSKS CL420J CL-1428-TSKS...
  • Are the KS/KSM inserts available?

    Clinserts can provide an alternative to the KS/KSM inserts.

    The carbon steel inserts are replaced by our stainless steel inserts.

    Imperia sizes:


    OLD Carbon steel NEW PN CL-1024-KS CLH1024J CL-1032-KS CLH1032J CL-...
  • Do you have SKS/SKSM parts available?

    Clinserts can provide an alternative to the CLM part numbers.

    Here you can find the cross reference list to our clinsert part number:

    Metric Inserts   Old Stainless steel  New PN CLM-58-SKS CLM5X0,8 CLM-61-SKS CLM6X1,0...
  • Kinsert is a high strenght threaded insert made from stainless steel.

    Kinsert is available in metric and imperial size.

    For any question about Kinsert, please contact our Team.

    Anyway, Kinsert is the same as Clinserts.

    The 2 words are similar and many people are wrong.

    If you have a request for insert and...

  • Does Clinsert have the big size RKK parts available?

    Yes, we have our clinsert alternative available for the bigger size RKK numbers.

    Here's the table with the corresponding part numbers:


  • Do you have the HDS-* tools available?

    We have our fully interchangeable tool CLHT available in stock.

    They have the same functionality as the HDS with the large difference that it has a much shorter lead time!

    Here is the cross reference table:

    Metric sizes:

    Obsolete part number New...
  • Do you have the LDS-* tools available?

    We have our fully interchangeable tools available, CLT.

    They have the same functionality as the LDS with the large difference that it has a much shorter lead time!

    Here is the cross reference table:

    Metric sizes:

    Obsolete part number New tool...
  • Do you have the XHDS-* tools available?

    We have our fully interchangeable tools available CLXT.

    They have the same functionality as the XHDS with the large difference that it has a much shorter lead time!

    Here is the cross reference table:

        Obsolete part number    ...