By thomas
on 13 Jun 2024 9:29 AM
  • Installation tools

The nose piece can bent after frequent operations by the operator in a wrong way.


The only cause can be that the tool has not been used in a rectangular position while installing the inserts.

The outside surface of the mandrel is hardened, so it can be used many times;

The inside part of the mandrel is not hardened (otherways the tool would break very rapidly)

This explains why the mandrel was bent.

This issue presents itself more when the mandrels have a very small outer diameter.


The corrective action to this quality issue is to hold the tool in a straight position always.

We would recommend to buy a kind of support so that the tool cannot be put in an angle while installing.

An example of such a support on a flat surface (when you want to drill a straight hole)

Or a hanging system to hold the weight of the tool and always to be horizontal.