We provide Clinserts to OEMs and Distributors all around the globe. Our inserts can be used in a huge variaty of applications.

The Clinserts are mostly used to make a strong thread in a soft metal like aluminium. By installing the Clinsert in a large aluminium block, there is a much higher tensile strength.

Clinserts has the highest stock level in the world of installation tools, broaching tools, as well as electric and pneumatic tools in order to install Clinserts fast and efficient.

Clinserts has already supplied to companies such as: Boeing, SpaceX, UTC Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, SNCF, Alstom, etc.





24/7 Customer Support

There is always someone available for your immediate and urgent enquiries. We guarantee response within 12 hours.

Better Alternatives

Sometimes parts have an extremely long lead time. We can offer alternative parts which are stock available, as well as subcontract clinserts or their respective tools to shorten the lead time.

On Time Delivery

As we include transport in our pricing, we can offer a very fast lead time. By also following up all our quotes, we make sure that orders are received on time.