By thomas
on 13 Jun 2024 10:00 AM
  • Installation tools

It would be easy for us to say YES, you should go for pneumatic or electrical tooling. We already got feedback from our clients how it improved their production speed and quality. But we had a need to show it to you, so we decided to make a video with a small contest, between manual and our tooling. See it for yourself in the video below.



So Pneumatic or electrical tooling will guarantee a much better perfect installation rate.

We must declare that the person installing with a manual tool was under time stress during the video shot, which made him place the tool wrongly on the insert, which caused a bad installation. So it's not a real situation.

You can conclude that the speed of installation is way better with a pneumatic tool.

The manual installation tool can install Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, however not as fast!

With our automatic tool (CLPTC-1 or CLPTC-2) the tool need to be recalibrated after 500 installations,  in fact verified if the distance clearance is still correct, so after 499 installations, recalibration of the tool is necessary.

Installations  in aircraft and/or railway vehicles require 100% correct installation, and will be much easier with a pneumatic or electrical tool.

Tooling is more expensive, but your TCO will be much lower. 

It's not only more accurate but also quicker. In the long run, quality is always better.

And also our tools and nose pieces are in stock!