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For very hard materials with a hardness greater than 30 HRC or 300 Vickers it is necessary to pre-broach the slots for the kees.The first step is to mark the position of the kees on the parent material. To do this wind the clinsert in until the kees touch the surface of the parent material. Mark the positions of the kees and unwind the clinsert. Then line up the blades of the broaching tool with the marked positions and push it in with a hammer or under a press, remove the tool and install the clinserts. In some cases it may be necessary to run the tap back down the hole to clear out any burrs.

The broaching tool is available for external thread M5 and external imperial thread 1/4“ and up.

Take care, inch broaching tools can cost up to 6000 USD per tool, with a typical lead time of 16-18 weeks

we offer less expensive tools that can do the same job in our clinsert range:


Please verify with your customer if he requires 4 spare blades?
These can break if you manipulate the tool in a wrong way, or if you need to prepare too many holes.

What are the partnumbers for these tools?

Old Part Numbers               New Part Number
Old Part No. Description New Part No. Description
B6.9MM-2 Broach Tool for KNM5X0.8 BMT6.9-2 Broach Tool for CLM5X0.8
B8.8MM-2 Broach Tool for KNM6X1.0 BMT8.8-2 Broach Tool for CLM6X1.0
B10.8MM-4 Broach Tool for KNM8X1.25 BMT10.8-4 Broach Tool for CLM8X1.25
B8.8MM-2 Broach Tool for KNHM5X0.8 BMT8.8-2 Broach Tool for CLHM5X0.8
B10.8MM-2 Broach Tool for KNHM6X1.0 BMT10.8-2 Broach Tool for CLHM6X1.0
B12.8MM-4 Broach Tool for KNHM8X1.25 BMT12.8-4 Broach Tool for CLHM8X1.25
B20.5MM-4 Broach Tool for KNHM16X2.0 BMT20.5-4 Broach tool for CLHM16X2.0

A broaching tool can be very expensive (around 6000 USD) and lead times of 16 weeks


Old Part Numbers      New Part Number
Old Part N° Description New Part N° Description
B1062-4 Broaching tool for external threads of 1 1/8”-12 BT1062-4 Broaching tool for external threads of 1 1/8”-12
B1312-4 Broaching tool for external threads of 1 3/8”-12 B12.8MM-4 Broaching tool for external threads of 1 3/8”-12
B213-2   BT213-2  
B228-2 Broach tool for KNL0832J BT228-2 Broach tool for CLL0832J - CLLL0832J
B375-2   BT375-2  
B375-4   BT375-4  
B437-4   BT437-4  
B453-4   BT453-4 Broach tool for CL624 CLL624
B500-4   BT500-4  
B562-4   BT562-4  
B615-4   BT615-4  
B806-4   BT806-4  
B937-4   BT937-4  
B272-2 Broaching tool for installing KN1032J External threads of 5/16”-18 ; spare blades BB1WKE-4 BT272-2  
B453-4   B453-4  
B453-4   B453-4  

Please note that each broaching tool is different.

By changing the blades, you won't be able to change to a different clinsert.