What is a Broaching Tool?

The broaching tool is an extra installation tool to install Clinserts. The broaching tool is necessary when mounting Clinserts in hard material. The function of the broaching tool is to pre-broach the slots for the Clins.

Hard materials with hardness greater than 30 HRC or 300 Vickers it is necessary to pre-broach the slot for the Clins. The first step is to mark the position of the Clins on the parent material. To do this, wind the Clinserts in until the Clins touch the surface of the parent material.

Mark the positions of the Clins and unwind the Clinserts.

Then line up the blades of the broaching tool with the marked positions and push it in with a hammer or under a press, remove the broaching tool and install the Clinserts.

In somes cases it may be necessary to run the tap back down the hole to clear out any burrs.

This is applicable for external metrical thread M5 and up and external imperial thread 1/4" and up.

Here's a blog explaining on how to replace the broaching blades:

How to replace broaching blades?

Find below a table showing each Clinserts's broaching tool (The pieces marked in grey have a shorter leadtime)

Miniature Inserts Metric  CLLM Light Weight Inserts Metric CLM Heavy Inserts Metric CLHM        Heavy Inserts Imperial CLH   Extra Heavy Inserts Imperial CLX
CLLM2X0.4 BMT3.4-2   CLM5X0.8 BMT6.9-2   CLHM4X0.7 BMT6.9-2   CLH1032 BT332-2   CLX1032 BT397-2
CLLML2X0.4 BMT3.9-2   CLML5X0.8 BMT6.9-2   CLHML4X0.7 BMT6.9-2   CLHL1032 BT332-2   CLXL1032 BT397-2
CLLM2.5X0.45 BMT3.9-2   CLM6X1.0 BMT8.8-2   CLHM5X0.8 BMT8.8-2   CLH1024 BT332-2   CLX1024 BT397-2
CLLML2.5X0.45 BMT3.9-2   CLML6X1.0 BMT8.8-2   CLHML5X0.8 BMT8.8-2   CLHL1024 BT332-2   CLXL1024 BT397-2
CLLM3X0.5 BMT4.4-2   CLM8X1.25 BMT10.8-4   CLHM6X1.0 BMT10.8-4   CLH428 BT397-2   CLX428 BT453-4
CLLML3X0.5 BMT4.4-2   CLML8X1.25 BMT10.8-4   CLHML6X1.0 BMT10.8-4   CLHL428 BT397-2   CLXL428 BT453-4
CLLM4X0.7 BMT5.5-2   CLM10X1.5 BMT12.25-4   CLHM8X1.25 BMT12.25-4   CLH420 BT397-2   CLX420 BT453-4
CLLML4X0.7 BMT5.5-2   CLML10X1.5 BMT12.25-4   CLHML8X1.25 BMT12.25-4   CLHL420 BT397-2   CLXL420 BT453-4
      CLM12X1.75 BMT14.75-4   CLHM10X1.5 BMT14.75-4   CLH524 BT453-4   CLX524 BT516-4
      CLML12X1.75 BMT14.75-4   CLHML10X1.5 BMT14.75-4   CLHL524 BT453-4   CLXL524 BT516-4
            CLHM12X1.75 BMT16.75-4   CLH518 BT453-4   CLX518 BT516-4
Miniature Inserts Imperial  CLL
Light Weight Inserts Imperial CL
CLHML12X1.75 BMT16.75-4   CLHL518 BT453-4   CLXL518 BT516-4
CLL0256 BT134-2   CL1032 BT272-2   CLHM14X2.0 BMT18.75-4   CLH624 BT516-4   CLX624 BT578-4
CLL0440 BT161-2   CLL1032 BT272-2   CLHML14X2.0 BMT18.75-4   CLHL624 BT516-4   CLXL624 BT578-4
CLLL0440 BT161-2   CL1024 BT272-2   CLHM16X2.0 BMT20.5-4   CLH616 BT516-4   CLX616 BT578-4
CLL0632 BT187-2   CLL1024 BT272-2   CLHML16X2.0 BMT20.5-4   CLHL616 BT516-4   CLXL616 BT578-4
CLLL0632 BT187-2   CL428 BT332-2   CLHM18X1.5 BMT22.5-4   CLH720 BT578-4   CLX720 BT641-4
CLL0832 BT228-2   CLL428 BT332-2   CLHML18X1.5 BMT22.5-4   CLHL720 BT578-4   CLXL720 BT641-4
CLLL0832 BT228-2   CL420 BT332-2   CLHM20X2.5 BMT28.0-4   CLH714 BT578-4   CLX714 BT641-4
      CLL420 BT332-2   CLHML20X2.5 BMT28.0-4   CLHL714 BT578-4   CLXL714 BT641-4
      CL524 BT397-4   CLHM22x1.5 BMT30.0-4   CLH820 BT641-4   CLX820 BT766-4
      CLL524 BT397-4   CLHML22x1.5 BMT30.0-4   CLHL820 BT641-4   CLXL820 BT766-4
      CL518 BT397-4   CLHM24X3.0 BMT31.0-4   CLH813 BT641-4   CLX813 BT766-4
      CLL518 BT397-4   CLHML24X3.0 BMT31.0-4   CLHL813 BT641-4   CLXL813 BT766-4
      CL624 BT453-4         CLH918 BT766-4   CLX918 BT828-4
      CLL624 BT453-4         CLHL918 BT766-4   CLXL918 BT828-4
      CL616 BT453-4         CLH912 BT766-4   CLX912 BT828-4
      CLL616 BT453-4         CLHL912 BT766-4   CLXL912 BT828-4
      CL720 BT516-4         CLH1018 BT828-4   CLX1018 BT937-4
      CLL720 BT516-4         CLHL1018 BT828-4   CLXL1018 BT937-4
      CL714 BT516-4         CLH1011 BT828-4   CLX1011 BT937-4
      CLL714 BT516-4         CLHL1011 BT828-4   CLXL1011 BT937-4
      CL820 BT578-4         CLH1216 BT1062-4   CLX1216 BT1187-4
      CLL820 BT578-4         CLHL1216 BT1062-4   CLXL1216 BT1187-4
      CL813 BT578-4         CLH1210 BT1062-4   CLX1210 BT1187-4
      CLL813 BT578-4         CLHL1210 BT1062-4   CLXL1210 BT1187-4
                  CLH1414 BT1187-4   CLX1414 BT1312-4
                  CLHL1414 BT1187-4   CLXL1414 BT1312-4
                  CLH1409 BT1187-4   CLX1409 BT1312-4
                  CLHL1409 BT1187-4   CLXL1409 BT1312-4
                  CLH1612 BT1312-4   CLX1612 BT1437-4
                  CLHL1612 BT1312-4   CLXL1612 BT1437-4
                  CLH1608 BT1312-4   CLX1608 BT1437-4
                  CLHL1608 BT1312-4   CLXL1608 BT1437-4
                        CLX1818J BT1562-4
                        CLX2007 BT1672-4





Customers that have purchased standard and special Broaching tools: