on 30 Nov 2018 4:13 PM

The Pneumatic Installation Tool is designed to install many Clinserts in a  fast way.  The most important thing is that  to read the manual or refer to us, this should be done prior using the tool and not when the tool starts to show issues. 

What might happen?
One of the most common errors is that companies use their standard lubricated oil air supply, this should be avoided totaly, only standard air may be used. Not using the appropriate air supply will damage the interior of the tool. 

We sometimes receive back a tool, due to the usage of the tool with the wrong air supply. Usually in this case we strictly do not accept any claim related to the tool.

What is the solution:

1) since you have installed many Clinserts with the tool, the engine has dried up.
you should add two or three drops of oil into the grey lower part of the tool.
take care: the air hose should be disconnected prior to adding the oil.

2) you might have installed also your first Clinserts, since the pressure drops after the first installation, you should verify with a gauge the air pressure.