on 17 Dec 2021 2:41 PM

Changing over from the hand tool to a pneumatic tool has a lot of time-saving and comfortable benefits to you and your operators:

  •  Instead of 45 seconds per inserts with a hand tool, you'll go to 5 seconds per insert with the pneumatic tool
  •  Much more effective installing of all inserts
  •  Same flush installation on all inserts, all the inserts will have the same proper depth
  •  When installing inserts with a hand tool and a hammer, you can get the keys of the insert to bend, while with the pneumatic tool there is no risk
  •  Easier to use than with the hand tool, as you just need to push the tool against the insert, it automatically screws in, and you just push the trigger, and the keys go in smoothly
  •  Noise damage to the ears of the workers, hammering the keys in the insert can be very loud!
  •  The operators will be much cheerier working with the pneumatic tool than with a simple hand tool
  •  Consistent quality can be guaranteed

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