on 12 Jul 2021 3:57 PM
  • clinsert


Do you have a set or equations or a method to ensure that a fastener is fully engageing the Clinsert and therefore developing the full pull-out stregnth?



In general it always makes sense to have the screw all the way in the insert.

If there are for example weight limitations and the screw should be as short as possible, the customer can always do a full calculation to calculate the exact screw-in length the customer requires:

Formula on how to do the calculation:

Pull-out-strength (N) = shear engagement (mm²) x ultimate shear strength of parent material (N/mm²)

(Shear engagement areas are shown on the clinserts data sheets are only valid for fully installed Clinserts)

It really always depends on the other two components = the screw + the arent material;

For example with a nylon screw, the head will rip off even if it is just installed halfway into the insert.