On this page you may find the Clinserts® Removal Instructions.
All Clinserts® are created in the same manor, which means that the Clinserts® removal instructions apply to all Clinserts® products.
If you have issues removing your Clinserts® product, according to these Clinsertrs® removal instructions, you might not have the genuine Clinserts® product.

Kindly note that these are merely the Clinserts® removal instructions.
For more details on which tools you require for the installation of your Clinserts, please visit the product page of that Clinserts®



Clinserts® Removal Instruction - STEP 1

Use a standard drill to remove the insert material between the Clins.
The required dimensions can be found on the product page of the specific Clinserts® you wish to remove.

  Clinserts® Removal Instructions - STEP 2

Deflect the freed Clins inwards and break them off.
  Clinserts® Removal Instructions - STEP 3

Remove the Clinserts® by the means of a EZ-out tool or similar tool.

Clinserts® Removal - STEP 4

An identical Clinserts® as the removed one can now be installed in the original hole. No re-work is required in order to install the Clinserts® in place.