on 23 May 2022 5:13 PM

Do you have the XHDS-* tools available?

We have our fully interchangeable tools available CLXT.

They have the same functionality as the XHDS with the large difference that it has a much shorter lead time!

Here is the cross reference table:

    Obsolete part number         New tool  Matching Broaching tool
XHDS-3 CLXT1032 BT397-2
XHDS-4 CLXT428 BT453-4
XHDS-5 CLXT524 BT516-4
XHDS-6 CLXT624 BT578-4
XHDS-7 CLXT720 BT641-4
XHDS-8 CLXT820 BT766-4
XHDS-9 CLXT918 BT828-4
XHDS-10 CLXT1018 BT937-4
XHDS-12 CLXT1216 BT1187-4
XHDS-14 CLXT1414 BT1312-4
XHDS-16 CLXT1612 BT1437-4