on 23 Jun 2021 5:47 PM

You have to install Clinserts in hard material titanium.
You want to use one of the automatic tools.

Is it necessary for to use a broaching tool before installation of the insert with the automatic tool?
I mean, can we combine broaching tool + automatic tool ?
Or, is the power of the tool sufficient to install the insert and keys in the titanium?

Using a Power Tool in combination with a broaching tool and regular Clinserts does not make sense as you need to press in the kees at exactly the position where the pre broached slots are.
The tool is not made to stop at an exact rotational angle.

Using self broaching inserts in titanium is the hardest possible scenario and in the end test need to be done.
The nose pieces will wear faster as they are made for “industrial” applications and not for titanium.
The tool itself is pretty strong so there will be no power (press in force) problem.
I can not give you a good answer if the kees will bend or even brake.

If our engineering should have a look on it we need to have the full picture of this potential project.

More details in this blog: can-you-install-self-broaching-inserts-pneumatic-tool